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  • Apr'18

Ramanujan Day - 3rd February, 2018

National Mathematics Day is celebrated in India for paying tribute to the great mathematicians of India. We believe that the great contributions and the legacy of the world famous mathematicians must be carried forward by celebrating such days at the School as well. The great Indian mathematicians such as Brahmagupta, Aryabhata, and autodidact SrinivasaRamanujan have played a significant role in developing different formulas, theorems and theories on mathematics in India. And thus, we feel it is important to promote and cultivate the magnificent tradition of Indian mathematics by celebrating National Mathematics Day every year in our School. This year it was on 3rd February, 2018 at our campus.

Students from classes 6, 7 & 8 came up with innovative puzzles, displays, posters, geometrical models to mesmerize and motivate the students and teachers alike. Class 11 students contributed by organising Math Quiz for the class 9 students. The student – to – student imparting and exchanging of knowledge was much expedient to the students of both the classes.