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At BVM Global, we have curated our school curriculum aligned to meet CBSE, NEP 2020 and global standards ensuring an amazing all round learning experience for our students.

Transformational Education

  • Co-educational & Child centric education
  • Grade 1 to 5 - No-uniform, No-homework and No-exam policy.
  • Amazing international curriculum backed by competent teaching faculty.
  • Sports and Physical education is fundamental to the overall development of our young children.
  • Every child on “stage” during school day.
  • Students experience beyond school activities such as athletics, music, theater, drama, dance, yoga, martial arts, foreign languages & scouts.
  • Inspiring patriotism | Honoring Defence personnel on Rakshabandhan.
  • Experiential learning via Robotics, AI & Coding.

BVM Global is one of the top CBSE schools in South India providing transformational learning experiences using the state of art Digital technology platform. Extracurricular and co-curricular activities with embedded 21st century skills education, mould our students to be all rounders and good global citizens.

Our student-led classrooms inspire, ignite and transform BVM students to be lifelong learners with a passion for gaining knowledge. Our stress free education system facilitates learning, enriches curious minds, focusses on conceptual understanding and enables character building.

Vedic Heritage classes allow students to experience their rich cultural heritage. “My Roots program” is another unique, only-in-BVM experience, which emotionally connects the child to the family. Music and sloka chanting has the power to make learning very effective. Students enjoy the classes as it enhances their focus and concentration.

Our curriculum contributes to the holistic development of each child with inter-disciplinary learning being the key.

Young Students at this age are introduced to Design thinking and Computational thinking concepts.

At BVM Global every student experiences the joy of learning.

We nurture their interests, talents and aptitude so that they become resilient and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

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