BVM Global is one of the best NIOS schools in South India

Open Schooling for Future Focused Students


  • High Academic Achievers

  • Art & Sports Focussed Students

  • Students who wish to avoid Exam Stress

  • Students who have difficulties to cope up with rigid formal school systems

  • Medical Reasons Flexible learning & on demand exams


NIOS is the "National Institute of Open Schooling" comes under ministry of H.R.D, Government of India.

NIOS was created by Govt of India vide N0.F.5-24/90 Sch.3 dated 14 September 1990 published in the Gazette of India on 20 Oct 1990.

NIOS is the largest board after C.B.S.E & I.C.S.E and has an equivalent weight age as that of C.B.S.E & I.C.S.E both for grade 10 & grade 12 exams.

NIOS students are studying in prestigious institutes like AIIMS, IIT, Anna University etc.

  • State & Central Govt colleges & Universities recognize NIOS exam marks + certificate just like CBSE or ICSE or State Board.
  • Contact Classes on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays and even in the evening. Freedom & flexibility to choose subjects
  • Subject's combination is Learner's Choice. 100 Students Means 100 Different Combinations
  • Change Of Subject Allowed During the Course of Study
  • Clear subjects one by one.
  • Only Five Subjects are to be cleared.
  • Registration Valid for 5 Years.
  • 9 Chances of Public Examinations.
  • NIOS conducts public exams twice every year for students
  • Any number of Chances through On-Demand Examinations being held on every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Credit Accumulated & Consolidated Mark Statement issued.
  • Permitted to Write the Examination in any Indian Scheduled languages.

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